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Let Mneumonix tailor a solution to your specific IT requirements

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Technology failure is a major source of stress and loss of productivity for any business, so when it happens you need a solution that works like magic!

Let Mneumonix take the strain of your IT out of your hands

OK...so it's not magic (but you already knew that). Getting the basics of your IT right from the start however, is the first wave of the wand that will help you get the best from your systems.

Updating and maintaining equipment is all well and good (and we do that exceedingly well) but we also ensure that every system we design and install is fit for purpose, delivering just what your business NEEDS to thrive and grow, giving you the result you want....with added peace of mind.

Stack the deck in your favour and get great results...
Outsourcing made simple

Every great magician knows that having reliable props is vital to putting on a successful show for the audience.

Having the right tools at your disposal is vital in keeping your business working smoothly and effectively. Whether it's a simple software update, a new workstation, a faster server or internet connection, each must be just right to deliver a return for your business.

A DIY approach to technology may seem like a great way to save money...but you're doing more harm than good, costing yourself a small fortune in downtime, stress and lost revenue.

If your set-up anything less than super-efficient, it's a problem.

Create and maintain a magical IT platform...

Knowing that your IT systems are professionally and reliably maintained means you can really pull the rabbit out of the hat.

We'll pull the rabbit out of the hat for you and make your IT.... well.... just work. Simple as that.

Being there for your customers when they need you is what fuels your reputation. It's an up-front illustration of your values and intent, that lets your customers know that you're professional and business like.

If your IT is the stumbling block that means your responses are always shrouded in excuses for delays, you will be disappointing your most valuable asset, your clients. If you're providing a service to large companies or professionals with high aspirations and expectations, 'the computer's on a go slow today' is no excuse.

If your systems are inadequate, making you look, unprofessional and makeshift, that's exactly the slot you'll fill in your customers' minds, and unfair though it may seem, they're unlikely to buy from you.

Consistent, stable and high performance IT is one of your most valuable marketing investments, which helps your business perform the way you intended it to.

Get it right from the start and you'll really pull the rabbit out of the hat.
IT made to work for YOU.

Anxiety, stress and embarrassment are just a few of the joys you can look forward to when you pick up the phone to a customer to break the news that you can't deliver because of a 24 hour delay due to IT issues...but you'll be glad to hear there is a better way.

Having reliable expert back-up at the end of the phone when your IT lets you down, is the trick to minimising delays and downtime, not to mention your stress levels. Unfortunately many business don't know where to start when it comes to effectively managing issues and creating a robust disaster strategy, so they fall into the trap of 'knee-jerk responses' to deal with them rather than assess, consider, solve and prevent further problems.

With a little prestidigitation you can refine your strategy to prepare for virtually every eventuality with an action plan for when things do go wrong.

This massively minimises downtime and...REDUCES the impact on your bottom line.

One, two, three and you're back in the room...

In the magical mystical world of IT all you've read will have made perfect sense, so now you're definitely going to make it all happen... right?

As simple as clicking your fingers.

But with a snap of the fingers you're back in the real world. A world filled with overflowing inboxes, perpetual phone calls, meetings, paperwork and a million other things that need doing as well.

Managing your systems takes time, and is not a single, or even a series of events. It's a structured, strategic process combining aspects of system analysis, hardware, software, connectivity, maintenance, data management and security, to name but a few.

If you're going to do it yourself you'll need to conduct research and make time to do it effectively and consistently and in such a way that you build a workable and practical routine that will fulfil all your requirements.

This probably seems a daunting task but there is help available if you're serious about making the change.

Partnering with a business like Mneumonix gives you access to a wealth of expertise, experience and knowledge, unconditional support and of course, 'the magic touch' that will remove the IT blues with a snap of the fingers.

We're ready to talk when you are.

Latest IT News
App price rise predicted
Following the latest budget, prices for downloading apps, music and other items could rise.
EA games server hacked
A server belonging to games giant EA has been hacked and was used to host a phishing attack to collect Apple IDs. The issue was spotted by Paul Mutton who works for security firm Netcraft. He posted a blog about it explaining how the hack worked.
Business leaders feel most threatened by IT hazards
A recent report published by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), in association with the British Standards Institution (BSI), has revealed that IT-related threats are continuing to provide the greatest concern for organisations, ranking above other threats such as natural disasters, security incidents and industrial disputes.
Windows falling, OSX rising
The market share of desktop computers connected to the internet has taken an interesting shift. The percentage of Windows-based PCs has dropped below 90 per cent for the first time since the mid-1990s.
Penultimate XP security patch
With just under a month left before Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP, the company has issued the penultimate update for the OS.
UK consumers spend more on BYOD than on tea and coffee
With 83 per cent of organisations permitting BYOD and 39 per cent of employees purchasing their own device for work purposes, BYOD is helping to save the average company* £150,265 over five years.
Ear clip PC
Engineers in Japan have created a tiny wearable PC that can be controlled by the way you move your eyes, mouth and nose.
Strengthening the health informatics profession
The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) is pleased to report that following the development and launch of the Level 3 Diploma in Health Informatics, the Health Informatics Apprenticeship Framework2 has also been further enhanced and now covers both intermediate and advanced levels.
Mobile kill switch
Legislators in California are pushing mobile device manufacturers to make it easier to permanently block stolen devices such as smartphones.
NHS England 'not clear enough' to patients about care.data opt-out
Tim Kelsey, NHS England Director of Patients and Information, admitted, this morning, on BBC radio1, that NHS England had not been clear enough about patients’ right to opt out of the new care.data scheme. Tim stated: ‘I think, that, maybe we haven't been clear enough about the opt-out. I agree with that. Let me be absolutely clear now, that people who don't trust the NHS to manage their data securely now have a new right, to opt out of this scheme. To be honest, all they need to do is contact their GP to opt out.’

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